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              Serving the Bay Area since 1980

              Our staff is dedicated to giving the highest quality of service and attention to you and your life safety equipment needs.
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              Proudly Serving the Entire Bay Area! Call and get a free estimate today!

              • Exit Signs

                Inspection, testing, or repair we can handle all of your exit sign needs.Read More...

              • Fire Extinguishers

                From full service to new fire extinguishers we do it all. all.


              • Restaurant and Industrial Systems
                  From inspections to installations we can help you ensure your kitchen is up to code

              • Accessories

                We carry a full line of fire extinguisher accessories.


              • Backflow Test & Certification of Backflow Devices We are certified for all your backflow testing needs. Read More...

              • Fire extinguishers Inspections Let us handle your monthly or annual fire extinguisher inspections Read More...

              • Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspections The perfect solution for automatic first response to fires. Read More...
              • Fire extinguisher Training Give your team the confidence needed to act quickly in an emergency. Read More...

              Serving the greater Bay Area for over 30 years. Our staff is dedicated to giving the highest quality of service and attention you and your life safety equipment needs.
              Your business is protected by a wide variety of fire and safety equipment, so it is important to hire professionals with the skills to service it all. Other companies with fewer capabilities may overlook some of your equipment, leaving you unprotected or in violation of safety codes.

              • Nickell Fire Protection, Inc. provides a safer and more convenient alternative:
              • A full line of fire & safety services
              • Promt, reliable & knowledgeable services
              • Coverage of the entire Bay Area
              • 24 hour service

              946 North 7th Street San Jose, CA 95112



              We accept all major Credit cards!!!
              except Discover

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